Day Six – WordPress!


Well today celebrates over one week without gambling and I feel proud and liberated.

It is now over one week since my last horrendous crash and laying a horse for too much money, ‘chasing’ my losses from a daft bet on a Friday night to only put myself in way too deep and left with nothing – and only huge debts.

However, I am happy as somehow all of what has happened has brought me to this blog, which I hope some readers can find either empathy or help from.

It’s been a fantastic day as I’ve also realised the amazing support that I would be offered when opening a professional WordPress blog.

This afternoon I had a session with Maciej, one of the WordPress ‘Happiness Engineers’ who took me through designing the blog and all the useful widgets and tools I can use to make it more user friendly, readable and presentable.

So today my thanks go to WordPress for providing such a service,

Tomorrow I know will be a day of no gambling as I spent the rest of the day drafting my next blog as it will be about Paul Weller and his influence on my life, so must be perfect and I’m trying to include as much as I can into the blog on just how Paul has influenced my life through his music and personality.

In the meantime I’ll feel good, watch a film/documentary about John Lennon and have a few more ciders.

Good luck to any addicts reading this blog. Remember as always, one day at a time and know you are not alone.

© Michael Gamble 2018

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