Day 10 Working Class Hero (John Lennon)


10 days without gambling and a fantastic evening with my 13 year old nephew and his family.

Again my thoughts and love today with him and no blog today due to work commitments.

However I visited my Twitter and see that just an hour ago the John Lennon twitter tweeted this video of a song I idolised as a boy

I think went I first heard John sing this it was the first song with the word ‘fuck’ in it, and ground breaking at the time.

However the lyrics and song always resonate with me and from a documentary I saw which was just issued on iTunes at the weekend ‘Looking for Lennon’ I really learned even more about John’s childhood than I expected to learn. I though I knew it all, but seeing his pals from school and also more about his school reports about him ‘amounting to nothing’ from the teachers, just made me feel closer. So I’m grateful to whoever produced this documentary. Some wonderful insights.

A fantastic video also to accompany the song. I love the photos and old TV clips, especially of John as a boy.

I didn’t intend writing, and can no way do justice to John or his music in the few words I can write or have ever written (and will write) about John.

John forgot one line in the song Imagine….’Imagine no John Lennon.’

I’ll leave that as something to ponder on as without John this world would be absolutely different in so many ways, such was his impact.

I guess I think of John still every day, his image is around my house in various places and his music in my head and my way of thinking forever changed because of him.

Few people can ever hope to achieve such an impact on another person.

Thinking of you also tonight John.

But anyone who reads this with an addiction – one day at a time and keep counting your blessings 🙂

Until tomorrow

© Michael Gamble
All photos and video clips also subject to their owner’s copyright.
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