Day 11 – Martin Luther Ling & JFK (Truth, Peace and Justice)


Eleven days and no gambling and I’m afraid that today very little time to write again, but the weekend is fast approaching.

In my blog I will be focusing on some political aspects and thoughts as I go along through the year, so will share this tonight.

Until today one thing I was completely oblivious to was the fact that in 1999 a trail was held into the assassination of Dr.Martin Luther King, Jnr and within the article you will see that after four weeks of testimony and over 70 witnesses in a civil trial in Memphis, Tennessee, twelve jurors reached a unanimous verdict on December 8, 1999 after about an hour of deliberations that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy.

Martin Luther King Trial 1999

Now my immediate reaction upon hearing this via the eminent writer and philosopher and activist in the pursuit of truth, peace and justice, James W. Douglass was disbelief that this had not made national news at the time as the implications are huge.

I certainly would recommend that you look on You Tube for any of his lectures and also read his book ‘JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters.’

The manner that James Douglass writes is filled with questions as to why it is so important for people to know why these wonderful people who campaigned for peace died (or were assassinated.)

With regard JFK it is obvious that without his embracing the cause of peace, knowing it was putting his own life at risk is profound, and to the point of making you aware of a man because of his belief in peace fought against the establishment and was duly killed  because he wanted to save the world from self destruction, which he did during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Thank you to the King Family for being so brave, thank you to Jim Douglass and thank you to John F. Kennedy and others I will also be writing about in time.

I apologise this is short but work is pressing.

No gambling and life is perfect

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