Day 382……It’s all gone wrong, but maybe for a reason

Well this blog was set up to be as honest as possible, and I did make it through 365 days – but have fallen off the wagon I’m ashamed to say in a big way. I know GA don’t mention amounts but £25k in one day, when I am not working, a week and a half ago.

I’m grateful I have family who are supporting me mentally and I am seeking help and still positive of the future.

I’m off to see Ricky Gervais tomorrow night and really that is all I can think of now as well as planning for the future.

I know you’ll make me laugh Ricky and life will feel good after.


All images may be subject to copyright, so hope this is okay to use.

So here goes. I’ve been trying to get in touch as I’ve been working on a secret project related to Ricky 😉 I just hope he likes it.

Take care all

© Michael Gamble 2018


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