Afterlife is back!!!

Well Ricky did his last offical Tweet and Facebook share yesterday. I didn’t see the one show but hope all went well Ricky

You’ve entertained while in isolation with nothing expected in return, so thank you.

As addictions work I did end up losing absolutely everything ….probably £300,000 lost and my family in control of my finances.

Still things could be a lot worse. I have kicked all my addictions and am now 5 months and 17 days clean. Thank you Ricky for being there, even when you didn’t know you were.

I’ll enjoy Afterlife starting tonight.

To end on a musical note, I’m sure you’ll know this one Ricky. Reminiscent of my first love Lisa, and a song and LP I loved during the time I first fell in love.

Hope everyone enjoys the show 🙂


#RickyGervais #AfterLife

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